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20-01-09, 05:44
Hi everyone, my name is Arlette, I'm very happy to be here, and I can tell you about South Africa, well most, I do live here for 21 years, i did married an Afrikaans, this country has one of the most beautiful wheather, is to dream about, just image to weak up to the singing of different speciesof birds in the morning, and the sunny Sun, is a bless...well the summer storms are a little bet to much lately , but we cope Any way a big hello to you and I hope I will get some friends from here...Ciao Italia

vitalba paesano
20-01-09, 08:44
Thank you dear Arlette! how a pleasure to find you here! We'd like to know much of your beatiful country, images, photos, style of life, everything. And we will be happy to speak with you also about Italy. What do you know about our country? Ciao ciao. vp

Roberto Gioffredi
20-01-09, 12:42
It's a pleasure to get in touch with a friend of South Africa. When happen to see images of your Country it's amazing! It's one of my dreams to have the chance to visit the famous Kruger Park. For me, this park leapt to fame overnight with the famous film recorded by tourists titled 'The Battle of Kruger Park' that is on Youtube. Marvellous!
I know South Africa for its political history and for the music (Miriam Makeba) too, but I'll wish to discover other things.
In the year 2010 the World's Champion Cup of football will be performed in South Africa and it could be the right chance to visit your Country. I'm thinking about that.
I wander if you've ever been to Italy and Europe. If not, I hope that you could have this chance soon. Italy is so different compared to South Africa and I think that anybody in the world should visit Rome and Italy in general.
Best regards,

20-01-09, 15:22
Hi, Arlette, pleased to meet You.

Roberto Gioffredi
20-01-09, 19:49
Questo il video che cito nella risposta ad Arlette.
Suggerisco, a chi non lo conosce, di vederlo tutto.
This is the video that I've mentioned in my previous answers.
I suggest everybody to watch it, till the end.

Angelo Galli
29-01-09, 21:22
Thank you Roberto, your link is very interesting and buffalos and lions war is very hard to see. Real interesting. Thank you for the note. Angelo