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Roberto Gioffredi
02-09-11, 13:25
I like Twitter. I think that it's the best way to be aquainted about several topics and facts.
Compared with Facebook, it's so different. Facebook is the ideal way for aggreations and Twitter is the ideal way to be uptodate on specific items. I've 640 followers and each Twitt that I do, can be seen by all my contacts. You can select an hashtag (e.g. #libya) and you'll see all the twitts done in the world with this hashtag. You can create an hashtag or to use a particular hashtag (e.g.#photography) and you'll be able to read twitts about this topic in real time or searching in the old twitts.
Obviously, there're others opportunities like direct messages; to twitt text and attached files like photos and links; to use the Search Box to find specific items, etc..
There're several apps both for DS and mobile that are very useful to make use of that.

When I started to use Twitter, I was a bit worried and the instructions I used to read were so complicated..
Now, I dare say that the simplest way to understand the Twitter functioning is to practice that and everything will be easy.