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Roberto Gioffredi
08-10-11, 20:52
Hi, GPs' friends!
In this post I'd like to write about how I practice Street-Photography that is my passion!
As you know, in photography is important to know all the techniques and all the rules but in a creative situations, all the rules can be by-passed, if necessary to spread creativity. I intent to be creative.
I use a compact camera with a wide angle (28mm) and a big zoom (x12). I like to keep my camera in my pocket and to use it only when necessary. A wide angle, a big zoom and a large display are useful to shoot photos in easy way, almost anonymously, without disturbing the people.
Wide angle allow to catch wide scenes and frequently happens to observe interesting details when I look at the picture in my computer. Several times I've obtained excellent pics by cutting parts of the original pics.
A big zoom is useful to catch particular situations in which the presence of the photographer could disturb the regular happening of the events.
The value of a street-pic depend about several factors..and fortune.
I like to shoot photos in a way that I've called 'Low-Angle' with the camera on the pavement. I like the Spanish definitions of this technique: 'A ras del suelo'. I'm so fond about this way that has become prevalent in 'my creativity'.
As you can see in the pics attached below, the results of this technique are really interesting.
In Photography  there's liberty and anyone can choose the way to operate.
I follow several great photographers on the Net and I like to be up-to-date about all that is referring at the world of photography. Is really important to be part of this wonderful world that is Photography. It's really a pleasure to follow how the innovation is creating stunning cameras and accessories, and is important 'to stay in touch with the technological progress'.
Here attached you can find a link where you can download a free book titled 'Going Candid...', written by the street-photographer Thomas Leuthard.
I don't use the tecnique that uses Thomas Leuthard but in my opinion is a nice book to read.
Shoot me a message! Talk soon!
Tallinn. Low-Angle pic.
Kraków. Square Market. Low-Angle pic.
Tallinn. Street artist. Three pics sequence.
I add a photomovie titled 'On the Road':

Roberto Gioffredi
29-12-11, 12:25
I wish to all GPs' friends to have a 2012 full of photographic journeys!

Roberto Gioffredi
06-01-12, 17:36
Street photography, Urban Photography in general, is my preferred photographic-style.
I like to get images about the normal way of living but there are places where I can't avoid to click on intersting details.
During my last journey at Tallinn (Estonia), I've collected many of those ones.
Here attached you can see some of them.
I hope to receive some opinions about that!
Warm regards!
Bonus! :)
Slideshow about Tallinn, Vilnius and Riga.