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14-02-09, 08:05
Nobody wants to go on with Our english conversations?

Attilio A. Romita
14-02-09, 13:27
Are you Italian? Why we should leave our nice language in a box and speak in a foreign language? To provide answer to participant coming from outside Italy is mandatory to speak english, between us our sweet language is better. If you want exercise your english, you may participate to the more or less one million international forum on Internet.
Last but not least, why you use a number instead of your name?
Attilio A. Romita:)

14-02-09, 17:33
Hi, Attilio, I'm from San Marino, so I am italian speaking. In this forum we try to communicate in english with foreigners, but We also try to exercise our english.

Meena Mohan
14-02-09, 17:52
Hello my dear italian friends, sorry if I did'nt partecipate at this forum, I was very busy with my job. Tell me: in Italy is spring just arriving? Which kind of flowers do you have at this time? Tell me and if you want, put your photos in this forum! thank you. Bye Bye. Meena

Roberto Gioffredi
16-02-09, 03:08
Hi Meena!
Italy is the 5th country in the world for the export of flowers, There are cities like Sanremo and Montecatini that have big business about flowers.
Last january thare was an important international meeting in Sanremo about flowers and the creativity about this fascinating world.
I'm not en expert about flowers. Last year I attended a conference held by an Italian woman that won a world prize about compositions with flowers and I was amazed about her works.
Your Country is known for the wide variety of flowers and for the quantity, too.
Here attached you can find the links about the recent exibition held in Sanremo ( a beautiful Italian city located at west of Genova, near the border with France), and an interesting site with photos of spontaneous flowers that you can find in Italy in the month of February.
I hope that my english could be sufficient to make me understand.
It would be a great pleasure to know something about Indian flowers. India is so exotic!
I hope to hear from you soon.
Best regards,

16-02-09, 19:27
Here in San Marino, that is between Emilia Romagna and Marche regions, it is sunny but cold, but we hope that spring will arrive soon!