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Discussione: I introduce myself

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    Jan 2009

    predefinito I introduce myself

    Dear Vitalba,
    What fun to get your note. Good luck with your effort to add more English speaking folks to the the grey panthers in Italy. Despite extensive travel and desire to visit Italy have yet to visit Italy. Still hope to do that one day. I live in Wheeling, WV, USA where I work as a psychotherapist

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    Jun 2008

    predefinito Welcome!

    Welcome at grey-panthers! You are one of the first new friends from... the world! You can speake in English with us on the special forum In English Together! Please speak with us about all you think is good and interesting for over 50 people with ... large mind! vitalba paesano (very often signed as vp)

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    Jan 2009
    Serravalle (RSM)

    predefinito Hi

    Hi, Jimmy, I hope You'll visit Italy and San Marino as soon as possible!

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