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    Thumbs up Something to see...(qualcosa da vedere)

    On this area we may put the link to document or presentation in English.
    Wants someone translate it?
    If not, I suggest to read in english, it is easy to understand and, in any case, there are nice photos to see and it is a good exsercize!
    In questa area noi possiamo inserire documenti e presentazioni in inglese.
    C'è qualcuno che vuole tradurle?
    Se no, suggerisco di vederle in inglese perchè in ogni caso sono belle foto ed è un buon esercizio.
    I will start by

    more than 20 very nice photos and some thinking about how people "think" their age!
    See it!..................................
    Attilio A. Romita

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    predefinito ....and now you may see 3D on 2D

    please see at:
    and let me know, are 2D pictures or 3D artworks?
    Attilio A. Romita

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    predefinito La mamma degli sciocchi...

    ....ha tanti figli.

    My daughter and I went through the McDonald's driveway window
    and I gave the cashier a $5 bill. Our total was $4.25, so I also handed her 25c.
    She said, 'you gave me too much money.'
    I said,'Yes I know, but this way you can just give me a dollar coin back.'
    She sighed and went to get the manager who asked me to repeat my request.
    I did so, and he handed me back the 25c, and said 'We're sorry but they could not do that kind of thing.'
    The clerk then proceeded to give me back 75 cents in change.
    Do not confuse the clerks at MacD's.
    We had to have the garage door repaired. The repairman told us that
    one of our problems was that we did not have a 'large' enough motor on the opener. I thought for a minute, and said that we had the largest one made at that time, a 1/2 horsepower.
    He shook his head and said, 'Lady,you need a 1/4 horsepower.'
    I responded that 1/2 was larger than 1/4 and he said,
    'NOOO, it's not. Four is larger than two.'
    We haven't used that repairman since. Happened in Ipswich , Qld.

    I live in a semi rural area. We recently had a new neighbour call the local
    council P & W office to request the removal of the WOMBAT CROSSINGsign on our road.
    The reason: 'Too wombats are being hit by cars out here! I don't think this is a good place for them to be crossing anymore.'
    I was at the airport, checking in at the gate when an airport employee asked, 'Has anyone put anything in your baggage without your knowledge?'
    To which I replied, 'If it was without my knowledge, how would I know?'
    He smiled knowingly and nodded, 'That's why we ask.'
    This happened in Elizabeth S.A.
    The stoplight on the corner buzzes when it's safe to cross the street.
    I was crossing with an intellectually challenged co-worker of mine.
    She asked if I knew what the buzzer was for.
    I explained that it signals blind people when the light is red.
    Appalled, she responded, 'What on earth are blind people doing driving?!'
    She is a government employee in Adelaide P.O.
    When my husband and I arrived at a car dealership to pick up our
    car after a service, we were told the keys had been locked in it.
    We went to the service department and found a mechanic working feverishly to unlock the drivers side door.
    As I watched from the passenger side, I instinctively tried the door handle and
    discovered that it was unlocked. 'Hey,' I announced to the technician, 'its open!'
    His reply, 'I know. I already got that side.'
    They walk among us...
    Attilio A. Romita

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    predefinito Philosophy

    Really interesting!!
    I think that the most useful suggestion is "Always learn!" That's the secret to keep our brain working and to be openminded!

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    predefinito Me too...

    I do agree with Laura

    donna bionica ( I will never translate my nickname into English or any other language)

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