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    Provincia di Brescia.

    Lightbulb Welcome to English speaking friends!

    I hope that Grey Panthers could be en interesting place where to get in touch with people in all over the world, so to have the chance to discover new places, images, people,customs and sincere friendship.

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    predefinito Hi, italian friend!

    Hi Roberto, thankyou for your words! I hope that this site may become a beatiful and usefull place, to speak each other. A question, now. I'd like to have an holiday in Italy, but I can have only a week this summer. I don't like expecially the towns but i like art and country. Where do you suggest me to be for my holiday? Thankyou for your opinion and for the others' too. Jimmy

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    Provincia di Brescia.

    Thumbs up Suggestion for a nice trip.

    I was born in Toscany, the region of Florence, and I suggest you to visit the heart of this region. Apart Florence that if you don't know I think you should visit, I suggest the area delimitated from Siena,Cecina,Grosseto e Pienza.
    In this area you could see marvellos landscape of hills, nature and old town.
    There's a street that links Siena to Rome and in the part sorrounding Pienza you could see interesting and charming places like Bagno Vignoni, Bagni San Filippo,Sant'Antimo ecc. But a daresay that in all the area I've written you'llbe surprised for many others places (Montalcino,Volterra, San Gimignano y many others little town). Manu famous Italian films were performed in this area (I dance alone, Pinocchio, The english patient, Nostalghia, Romeo e Giulietta di Zeffirelli and many others.I suggest you to serch on Flikr or other sites images so that you could get the beautiful of all this area.
    Siena, Pisa,Massa Marittima, San Galgano, Paganico, Sovana, Sorano and many others charming places. And when there aren't town, there are always a lot of landscapes.
    I think that you need a peforming camera and I suggest you to have a wide-angle lens so that you should get images unforgettable that will make you fall in love with these areas.
    If you'll go out of this area, you'll see other similar places.
    I've suggested this region because I was born there and I love it very much.
    Best regards.
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    predefinito Tuscany for ever!

    Dear Jimmy, believe Roberto: Tuscany is a wonderful land, with green, good food and wine. There is a lot of art in a small, ancient places. Come in Tuscany, believe us! And when you want, we can help you in choosing hotel and restaurant, B&B and good producers!vp

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