New portal seeks to improve health literacy among older EU population
In the current context of rapid ageing population and economic austerity, improving on older people’s knowledge in the health area and ensuring their capability to act on this knowledge is key to promote active and healthy ageing. Fully aware of that, a new EU FP7 Project, IROHLA, has developed a website to share information and experience on health literacy among different countries and sectors: IROHLA - “Intervention Research On Health Literacy among Ageing population” focuses on improving health literacy for the older people in Europe. It aims to take stock of on-going health literacy programmes and projects. It makes use of knowledge and experience of programmes in other sectors (e.g. private and social sectors) to be applied to the health sector. The project - coordinated by the University Medical Centre Groningen - will identify, validate and present a set of max 20 interventions, which together constitute a comprehensive approach for addressing health literacy needs of the ageing population in European countries. These interventions will be part of an evidence-based guideline for policy and practice for local, regional and national government authorities to start action. The project involves representatives of the ageing population, academia, all levels of governments, the business community and other stakeholders to ensure feasibility, usefulness and effectiveness of selected interventions.EuroHealthNet will in close cooperation with AGE Platform Europe coordinate the dissemination of the project’s outcomes.