Dear friends, I read some interesting news about Ebola on this site:
On 21 October, the Health Security Committee (HSC) held a meeting to follow up on the high level meeting of 16 October. The Commission announced that it is following up the points made at the High Level Meeting, including the availability of information from the visa system and transport carriers. A mission is being organised to carry out an audit of exit screening in affected countries together with WHO. The Foreign Affairs Council meeting of 20 October issued conclusions on Ebola which refer to the High Level Meeting of 16 October.

With regard to medical evacuation, updated guidance on assessment and planning for medical evacuation by air to the EU of patients with Ebola, prepared by the ECDC, was presented and noted, a standard operating procedure (SOP) for Medevac was presented and will be discussed further between the Commission and WHO on 21 October and the Commission reported that a test of the SOP for Medevac will be carried out once the SOP is finalised.

In addition, ECDC presented the HSC with a guidance it has produced on the public health management of contact persons of Ebola Virus Disease cases in the European Union. Following the discussion the document will be revised and published. An updated rapid risk assessment on Ebola from ECDC was also presented and noted by the HSC.